Is That All?

“Is that all ?”

This is the question I’ve been asking as I journey along. Is there more I need to do, give, understand at each step on the path? Sometimes the answer is no, and sometimes maybe, and mostly it's yes...yes there is always  Sometimes I get tired of that answer, I’m not going to lie.  I get tired of having to always learn more, grow more, stretch more as an artist.  I was reading an article by Julie Cameron the other day and I was struck by this quote ..

 “Even though we think of creativity as an intellectual pursuit, in my experience creativity is a heart-centered pursuit. We actually create from the heart. I think it’s interesting that the word “heart” has the word “art” embedded in it. It also has the word “ear” embedded in it. So both Buddhism and creativity involve the art of listening to the heart. That’s where the creative impulse arises from. That’s why I cannot distinguish between creativity and spirituality. When you’re practicing creativity you become a grounded individual, and that communicates the universal.”  

Having read that, I did remember that this is a path I’ve chosen and I chose this path for a reason.  The reason, my stated intention, was to grow.  So that’s what you get when you put that out into the universe….you get the opportunity to grow. It’s possible I should stop complaining in that case.  *Note to self


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