Closing your eyes won't change anything

“Closing your eyes won’t change anything”  I was watching my granddaughter play the other day.  She got close to some cords and I told her “no, that’s dangerous”.  She looked at me and closed her eyes, and kept on trying to get to the cords lol.  I found myself thinking about that a lot. I wondered to myself… does she think if she can’t see me then I can’t see her?  Is she trying to make me go away, so she can do what she wants?

I started thinking about how often I do that too.  In so many ways. I don’t want to “see” a lot of stuff.  I don’t want to feel a lot of stuff either lol. I don’t want to be that person that has to make a decision on how to handle the new outrages that I’m constantly bombarded with on the news.  I don’t want to have to deal with all the sorrows, and craziness and anger. Most mornings, after watching the news, I want to just close my eyes and hide. How can anything I do matter? Better to just close my eyes and hope it goes away.  I don’t want to deal with a lot of what life throws at me. Sometimes the view is just too dang bleak. But I remember that closing my eyes just leaves me sitting in the dark. And that’s not a good life or survival plan for me.

I think we all do that as a society.  We just want what we want. And because we want what we want…and are intent on getting it…..we close our eyes to some of the things that happen along the way. And this is how we get into trouble.  Today I am reminding myself of this. I am knowing, now more than ever, that closing your eyes won’t make it go away, it only makes it worse in the long run. Closing your eyes makes you blind. And being blind won’t change the bad or enhance the good.  Closing your eyes is closing out the light….and I’m thinking we could all use a little more light. True Story.

Fonda Haight1 Comment