Because I Can

Someone famous said...and I can't pull their name from my brain right now..."if when you get up in the morning all you can think about is making art ...then you are an artist." I heard that loud and clear many years ago now...some twenty years I guess. I started working then to believe that. One day I was doing a show, back when I worked with pastels...and I listened to people talking about my art...and one woman said "oh I 'd love that painting if it were in lavender. Could you paint it for me in lavender"? And I just had an aha moment. My art isn't a burger from Burger king. (by the way if you're outside the states that's a fast food place who used to have the slogan "have it your way") You can't have it your way. It's my way or no way. I'm the artist. Maybe the one place in my life that I get to say that. IT'S MY WAY. When I really, really internalized that...I started to be okay with creating truthful art ....because I am doing it my way. I'm telling my truth. Because I can!!  I still have those voices that say...don't post that, people will think you're not good enough, or you're not an artist or whatever. And then I just say to myself and those voices...I'm doing it my way. Get out of my way....I'm an artist and that means being brave enough to listen to myself and tell the truth. My job an an artist is to know how I feel so that I can convey that to you. I can't know how I feel if I'm worried about how you feel. Does this resonate at all?

Fonda Haight4 Comments