I Cried All The Way Home

I cried all the way home...

I thought about writing this post....about another mass shooting....and it just made me weary and sick.  There are so many factors that we can't control when it comes to the safety of our children and grandchildren.  Disease and weather and car accidents and health issues, etc.  I'm bewildered that we as a country would choose greed over something we CAN control.  This isn't about our "right to bear arms" this is about a company's right to "sell" assault weapons.  This is about the biggest and most successful propaganda advertising campaign in the history of America. If your first reaction when you read this is...."americans can't give up their right to bear arms, it's constitutional"....or "guns don't kill people, people kill people"...or "we can't legislate mental illness" ...or any of that other crap?  Then you've been taken in by the campaign of the gun lobbyists.  I'm sorry but it's true.

Those companies that sell those assault rifles...the ones who stock goes up every time there is a mass shooting...? Those people are the ones who have you fooled.  And your constitutional right to bear arms does not include assault rifles.  Was never meant to include those. I'm sorry but it's true.

The fact that America has the same number of deaths as Yemen when it comes to terrorist activities(and yes I count school massacres as terrorism of the worst kind).  The fact that America is 4% of the population of the world and owns 47% of the guns in the world.....I'm sorry but those things are true too.

During the 2010s (as of 14 February 2018) there were 143 shootings.... The total number of school-children killed by bullets to date (as of 1 February 2018) is 218 school-children. Those children died in terror and pain....just as if we had sent them out into a war zone.  I'm sorry but it's true. These are the facts.  In the entire period of the 1800's 29 children were killed by guns.  29.

These are the facts but do they really matter?  If one, just one of those children could have been saved...by your vote...would you be willing to do it?  As a people, we haven't been willing to save even one.  I'm beyond sorry but that's true too.

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