True Story/Forgiveness Class

“We can change, evolve, and transform our own conditioning. We can choose to move like water rather than be molded like clay. Life spirals in and then spirals out on any given day. It does not have to be one way, one truth, one voice. Nor does love have to be all or nothing. Neither does power. What is positive and what is negative is not,absolute,It does not have to be one way”. -When Women Were Birds

I’ve been working with Forgiveness for months now…as I told Galia the other day I think I have PFF or post filming fatigue lol.  But I thought it would be useful to talk about what I’ve learned, what I’ve shifted, what’s been transformed and what hasn’t. In working on this class I pulled from a lot of traditions and belief systems, but these statements from a course in miracles made so much sense ,  in the long run, that I wanted to share them with you here….

“I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT ANYTHING IS FOR. We think we understand our lives, what we experience and ourselves. The truth is until we forgive ourselves and everyone our perspective of life is slightly skewed.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING I SEE. I now know that no matter what we can see with our physical eyes, there is always something bigger, better, more profound and divine going on that we cannot see.

I AM NEVER UPSET FOR THE REASON I THINK.  This is one of the most profound lessons we must all learn. Think of it this way; if every feeling we have ever experienced is still planted somewhere in our body, what we respond to today and how we respond to it has roots in ancient or historical emotional energy we are holding somewhere in our being.

I SEE NOTHING AS IT IS NOW. More often than not everything we see and the perceptions we have today, are grounded in past knowledge, past experience and often, past upsets. 99.0% of the time we view our lives and experiences through a filter colored by the past. This means, we see nothing as it is right now.

ABOVE ALL ELSE I WANT TO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY. Forgiveness supports us in learning to see ourselves, our lives, our experiences and everything we have ever experienced from a difference perspective, with a new set of eyes.

I found that forgiveness is not easy and not for the reasons I expected.  It’s not easy because we are used to keeping the wound alive. Those wounds and grievances are comfortable and it makes up a part of our story.  It’s actually part of our identity. You start wondering who you will be if you don’t have that story. It leaves you feeling as if the breath has been shocked out of you. At that point, the biggest fight, the fight with your ego, has begun.  It’s epic, I’m not gonna lie. And it is continuous. But slowly you begin to feel…I don’t know…lighter, more clear, healthier. You don’t need those heavy stories, the breath that is caught in your chest along with grief and sorrow. You don’t need it, and you begin to want to put it all down.  And once you begin to feel that….it’s easier than you might believe.

I’ve found in this journey of self- inquiry that forgiveness is both an art and a practice. As an art, it begins with connecting to the subtle nuances of your feelings and experiences in the Down deep, and as a practice, it involves learning vital skills, skills we often weren’t taught as children. And it involves putting those skills into practice, minute by minute.

In this course, you will learn some of the practices that have worked for me in finding clarity and resolution with those experiences that I encounter working in the Down Deep.  This is a class about finding and connecting with your true self thru your art practices and the processes I’ve outlined, about the transformation of your story, your journey towards wholeness. You are not broken. You are not unworthy. You are not lacking anything. You are complete. You are whole. You are sacred. No other story is true. How do I know that?  Because if it’s true for anyone, it’s true for you. You, your art, your expression as a human in this world is sacred.   I hope you will begin to see that in the course of our time together. I consider it the most important goal of this class.  For you to know just how special and wonderful you are. For you to know that about yourself. True story. XO

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