Bear with Me….


I wonder how often as you grow older that you have to think…”bear with me”?  Because I find that life is moving at the speed of sound, and I want it to slow down, way down.  People who are teens and young twenties are on full speed, hoping, wishing it will go even faster.  Sometime around forty, for me at least, it starts to seem like things are going just a little too fast and by nearly fifty, it’s going way too fast.  I can remember thinking about grandparents…”hurry up”!  Now I find that the wheel has turned and my children are hurrying me along.  Impatient and wondering why I can’t go faster.

Bear with me…I want to linger here at this point in my life.  I’m not young and impatient anymore, I’m not so old that my aches and pains are beyond bothersome.  I want to linger in this time before jumping into the next.  Feeling and remembering each moment because I have learned to spend more time in the now than not.  I’ve gotten out of the passing lane…way out.  I want to stick out my hand and motion people to go around me. I want to see the sights along the way and when I get to my destination.  I will get there,  in my own time,  and with both hands on the wheel.