Rainy Days for Days Weather

The last ten or so days it’s been awfully hard to remember that the sun is shining somewhere.  We’ve had buckets of rain.  And then the clouds parted and I got this.  And it struck me this morning that the weather is such a great metaphor for life.  Cliche I know but hey …you work with what you’ve been given.

When it rains for days on end, a sort of cocooning effect happens around here.  The dogs curl up and so do some of the people (not saying who).  Everyone is sort of forced into an interior life.  A life with no distractions like the yard or the orchard. And because it rained really hard….I tried not to run many errands either. So a lot of make doing went on around food, and meals. Life slowed down quite a bit.  And after awhile, I relaxed into that philosophy.  For a very short time.  Because I had no choice.

Of course, it’s occurred to me that  I do have a choice every day.  I could decide to slow down just because I want to or need to.  Good to be reminded of  that idea sometimes.  We don’t have to hurry scurry through our days.  We get to be the boss of our pace. Thanks Rainy Days for Days Weather.  I needed that!

Why Am I here…


Why am I here…no not on earth….but here in blogworld?  Here’s a little insight into how my brain works. When it’s working.   Originally I thought…”hey Self, I’ve got something to share with the world.”  But “self” is lazy.  Self said, “hey, it’s too much work, you’ll get tired of it quickly, you’re not a writer, or much of an artist really and no one will read your blog, it’s just one more thing to do.” I then had to beat “self” with a stick. I told “self” that “the person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person doing it.”  Then I hopped onto the internet and learned how to get a blog up.  sort of.

But back to my point. The real question I’ve been asking myself is …why am I doing this?  What’s my plan?  Where am I headed?  You know, in some ways (not all) I’m a non-conformist.  I can’t really get with the program that I was taught many years ago…to work my life away in the quest for more and more bigger and better things.  (Mom I didn’t say you taught me that) And I sort of like some things, to be honest.  You know, like a home and art supplies and food. Well and good books, and comfortable shoes. You know, the important things.  However; more and more I really love “time”.  Time to grow and learn and be.  Time to spend with my quickly growing children.  Time to think and ponder.  Time to write and create.  Wonderful, huge great gobs of time.  And really, time = freedom doesn’t it?  But again I’m getting off track.

Back to the question, why am I here? I do have an answer. Just not a good one.

I haven’t figured it out yet…but when I do…  I will so let you know.  In the meantime, like my art, I’m meandering along finding my path in blogworld.


All Beings turn toward the light….

 All beings turn toward the light.  But sometimes they need to turn toward the rain!  This goes along with that whole “into every life some rain must fall” theory!  Finally, finally we had some rain.  I was relieved, I know you were too!

I’ve been off in creation mode for birthday presents.  I’ll get some photos up once I’ve given the presents.

I’ve been looking at journal pages recently.  Old and new. Isn’t it fun to see how your style evolves?  I used to paint directly on photos…

Now I do it digitally…

I still kind of like the old style too though.  By the way, don’t tell my daughter I posted unauthorized photos!





Weirdness, self esteem and Possums

One weird thing….at least to me….(Oh who am I kidding?  I find a lot of things to be really weird.  LIke for instance, possums) As an artist I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying NOT to be noticed.  I never wanted the spot light, don’t want to be in front of big crowds, say a quick “thank you” when someone compliments my art and then look away…effectively making sure there are no followup conversations. I’m especially uncomfortable if the art that’s being complimented was easy for me.  Does this happen to you?    I find it very difficult to self promote.  Why?  I guess we were taught as kids not to brag.  To let the other person have credit.  blah de blah.  right?  But think about the poor possum.  I don’t know how many times I’ve thought to myself at seeing a dead possum in the road…..  Hey Possum, that whole playing dead thing is not a good survival technique.  Is this is a metaphor for me.?  Most likely, and yeah, and don’t you hate it when that happens?    So why is it so hard?   Who knows?  It’s probably something a little different for everyone but I bet they all come back to self esteem.  To knowing that what you have is unique to you.  And no one else.  And that it is all worth something.

Our society doesn’t always reward artisanship.  Or craft cooties. And it will most certainly run you over if you’re playing dead in the road…can I get a big “amen” to that?   We have to create a world where those things are valued.  Else it will never change. Who will do it if we don’t?  This is my question,  and the answer is probably nobody but you can do it.  Just something to think about as you go about spreading your art today!  Stand up, quit playing dead.   Possums Unite and Conquer the world!  Bumper stickers on sale soon…lol.