Mold Goddess will travel


Yesterday we cleaned out my mother-in-laws basement.  It had been leaking and the mold was unbelievable.  Evan’s brothers were there and we had to wear masks and one of them wore a hazmat suit.  Here’s the thing, it’s just a crappy job no matter how you look at it.  But I found that I was able to be grateful for a lot of things.  It was a beautiful day with a breeze, I don’t know what we would have done had it been really hot.  We were able to save his Mom money by doing it, etc.  And I have to say, I love love the patina that mold produces.

Unfortunately nothing could be saved because mold travels.  It floats in the air and settles, and colonizes,  and apparently is almost impossible to get rid of.  I was thinking the whole time…wouldn’t it be nice if good things were as tenacious as mold?  If peace and love, and gratitude and abundance just sent out spores to all the parts of this earth and settled and grew as tenaciously and even aggressively as mold.   All accompanied by good smells instead of bad…like , I don’t know, spearmint?  Spearmint scented peace..can you dig it?

So of course today I had to do some digital art with myself as the “Mold Goddess” .  I could hardly resist.  Would you have been able to?  So there I am with clean water, a clean, pure, white polar bear (bears are one of my things).  The ocean in the background because it continually is cleaning the shores, and a wolf in the eye of the headband just to watch over the whole job.