All the better (a repost from a couple of years ago)

okay so this one was a doozy.  I went back and re-read Little Red Riding Hood and it was just as odd as I remembered.  So I get that this is a metaphor for young girls being preyed upon as they come into puberty.  A not so subtle one.   And I get that the whole moral is that you should not stray off the path or there will be trouble.   But this whole thing just irks the hell out of me.

Why would you let your young daughter go wandering off in the woods in the first place, and if you know that she does silly things and can’t keep her attention on the path….then why send her? And if the grandmother couldn’t come and get her own supplies then she shouldn’t be living alone in the woods.  Just saying.  And in every version I read, there seems to be a kind of flirtiness and a sort of sly sensuality between Red and the Wolf.  They both seem on the creepy side to me.

Yet, this story never seems to go away.   It seems to be part of our consciousness.  Something about flirting with danger and the wild side of ourselves….maybe……something about I can handle myself if I do get off the path and if I can’t , some guy with an axe will come and save me….maybe. Something about death and rebirth…possibly.   Some archetypal images are strong and there’s a good reason I suspect.  So I get the strength of this story…it still just irks me…lol

Possibly it irked me the most when I read the ending.  After conquering the wolf (he dies),having her grandmother reborn from the wolf’s stomach,  and being saved by the woodsman…  Red Riding Hood heads home…and she says to her herself, “i should have listened to my mother.  I didn’t and that’s what got me into trouble.  But at least I never forgot my manners…my “please” and “thank you.”   Thank goodness for that right?  She never lost her ladylike manners in the midst of bloodshed and mayhem and trauma. ACCKK!!  That’s me coughing up a big old red riding hood and the wolf furball.

Spirit guides…

I’ve been working in my Spirit guide journal this week.  So I see an animal or one comes to mind.  I paint it and then I get to look up the meaning.  I’ve decided lately that there are just no “coincidences”.  Take this bunny, I had no idea that one of the meanings was “moving thru fear”.  It’s so perfect for what I’m worrying about this week.  So perfect.  It’s a very cool way to speak with your subconscious. To filter thru the junk and come up with the treasure.  And of course…I’m always happy and comfortable when I’m painting animals.




“moving thru fear”



“pay attention to the elders”



“filtering soul lessons”


“Personal power”


“women’s healing wisdom”


“moon magic”



Sometimes it’s hard to show up in whatever practice you’ve decided on.  So I find that some evenings when I finally get the time to sit down….I don’t want to journal.  But, I know, for myself, that if I don’t I feel unfinished.  Left undone.  Like forgetting to brush your teeth or wash your face.  That’s what journaling does for me at the end of the evening, it leaves me a little cleaner…with a little more clarity at the end of the day.  And those days I don’t want to show up…those are the days when I most need to.  But sometimes I just don’t or can’t. I don’t beat myself up over it…but I feel it in an uneasy way until I’m back on track.  That small uneasy feeling…that’s when you know you’re going in the wrong direction.  Sometimes it seems too…that the days I don’t want to show up are the days when I dislike the message on the page.  Which is another reason to show up in your practice.  Because it’s all about the whole thing…the ugly and the beautiful, the good and the bad, the light and the dark.  Every artist knows that a piece of art is not really very good without all of those.  Just saying.sisters

Breaking out

It’s okay to break away from who you thought you were….who you decided you would be at a certain age.  It’s okay to let go of that person in your mind and just be who you are.  It isn’t always comfortable or easy.  But in the end, I’m pretty sure it’s for the best.  Journaling is a good way to do that for me.  I often get these messages , from myself ,when I’m in the flow and not thinking very much.

break out final

All Beings turn toward the light….

 All beings turn toward the light.  But sometimes they need to turn toward the rain!  This goes along with that whole “into every life some rain must fall” theory!  Finally, finally we had some rain.  I was relieved, I know you were too!

I’ve been off in creation mode for birthday presents.  I’ll get some photos up once I’ve given the presents.

I’ve been looking at journal pages recently.  Old and new. Isn’t it fun to see how your style evolves?  I used to paint directly on photos…

Now I do it digitally…

I still kind of like the old style too though.  By the way, don’t tell my daughter I posted unauthorized photos!