There are other worlds than these

Late Saturday afternoon, I was painting away.  Just puttering around with a paint brush as I’m wont to do.  Had no plan, just putting paint to canvas people.  This is how I usually get the creativity flowing.  I just start.  I decided a long time ago that the difference between people who create art and people who don’t …is that you have to start. Just start.

Anyhoo…I’ve been meditating a lot in the last couple of days about knowing what you’re feeling so that you can convey that to your audience. But …because we are all often unconcious about what we feel…sometimes I don’t know what I feel, so I just paint.  See that?  It’s most likely the opposite of what makes a really great artist, that’s what some would say. I paint to know what I feel, rather than knowing what I feel and painting it to communicate with the rest of the world.  In other words I’m painting to myself.  lol. But I’m getting off track.

So I’m painting along late Saturday and getting no where really.  So I left it to sit and later went to bed.  I woke up Sunday morning with this phrase sort of ringing in my ears….”there are other worlds than these”.  Now, I’m pretty sure that’s a partial phrase from a Stephen KIng book.  Makes me wonder what I was dreaming.  But I immediately got up and inked it in.  Hey I listen to myself when I’m dreaming because I know my pesky ego is out of the way.  So now you’ve seen a small glimpse of how my creative mind works.  Pretty scary really…although not as scary as a Stephen King novel or my husbands new book “Serealized” which by the way is up on Kindle today!  I’m not really sure how I feel about this new book, because as usual it’s well written.  But, there’s something really creepy about reading a book like that and knowing the person who thought it up. I wonder how Stephen King’s wife feels about what goes on in his books?  Something to think about.  I guess if I’m creeped out than that means Evan has done his job. Achieved his goal.  I’m just saying….if something happens to me, you guys will know where to look. lol.   I will admit to doing the cover art and that’s pretty creepy too.

You can find his newest book on his website…  or on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.