All the better (a repost from a couple of years ago)

okay so this one was a doozy.  I went back and re-read Little Red Riding Hood and it was just as odd as I remembered.  So I get that this is a metaphor for young girls being preyed upon as they come into puberty.  A not so subtle one.   And I get that the whole moral is that you should not stray off the path or there will be trouble.   But this whole thing just irks the hell out of me.

Why would you let your young daughter go wandering off in the woods in the first place, and if you know that she does silly things and can’t keep her attention on the path….then why send her? And if the grandmother couldn’t come and get her own supplies then she shouldn’t be living alone in the woods.  Just saying.  And in every version I read, there seems to be a kind of flirtiness and a sort of sly sensuality between Red and the Wolf.  They both seem on the creepy side to me.

Yet, this story never seems to go away.   It seems to be part of our consciousness.  Something about flirting with danger and the wild side of ourselves….maybe……something about I can handle myself if I do get off the path and if I can’t , some guy with an axe will come and save me….maybe. Something about death and rebirth…possibly.   Some archetypal images are strong and there’s a good reason I suspect.  So I get the strength of this story…it still just irks me…lol

Possibly it irked me the most when I read the ending.  After conquering the wolf (he dies),having her grandmother reborn from the wolf’s stomach,  and being saved by the woodsman…  Red Riding Hood heads home…and she says to her herself, “i should have listened to my mother.  I didn’t and that’s what got me into trouble.  But at least I never forgot my manners…my “please” and “thank you.”   Thank goodness for that right?  She never lost her ladylike manners in the midst of bloodshed and mayhem and trauma. ACCKK!!  That’s me coughing up a big old red riding hood and the wolf furball.

In my Spare time (new listings)

So in my spare time…I create.  Little moments stolen from the demands of life in a big family.  I haven’t made the time lately to make sure that my listings were updated on Etsy.  But I did today.  Woot! And it is very cool sometimes to see all of this artwork together and realize that you can create a body of work in those small moments.  You can.


Alien Thoughts bear channel Choose thoughts that bring relief claim your strength you are not that fragile Culturally transmitted madness Driving the Prejudice Vehicle is a dead end job hush hush I Am You I know you by your opposites listen as hard as you can mostly just a dream mother maiden crone Not bone tired but heart tired objects of scrutiny Once there existed a golden time One day at a time Playing the part despite her ancient knowledge Rabbit Requiem of doubt secure in the strength she was born with Some angel that wanted you to choose to breathe Tell The Truth The magic never left you The Unique Ones tired of watching every step waiting on the next step to be revealed what goes on in the pauses What if you're just too damn tired whispering fairy tales to my inner child

Tomorrow…we conquer the world!

Who’s with me?  Doesn’t it seem easier to just conquer the world tomorrow?  This is how we procrastinate right?  We’ll conquer the world tomorrow and today we’ll…I don’t know….surf the net looking for new ideas, write a blog post, clean the kitchen (in case the world we conquered wants to come to lunch).  But…nothing gets done tomorrow because while we were cleaning the kitchen…we realized we are out of cleaning supplies and we’ve got to go shopping.

I told the kids recently that they need a bucket list for the summer.  Not just fun stuff but stuff they need to get accomplished.  Otherwise, I told them wisely, nothing will be accomplished at the end of the summer.  Of course, I did not take my own advice.  And, oddly  enough…here I am not conquering the world today.  I really hate when the advice that was meant for them turns out to be for me.


Do you believe in Magic?


Here’s what I think….I think magic is more subtle and far-reaching than we know.  Perhaps the tricks and tv stunts we’ve been taught to call “magic” have stunted our magic-y sense.

But don’t you think it’s magic when a breeze comes blowing in from no where?  You can’t see it, there’s no resistance (that you can feel) in the air.  and still it blows whethor you believe it or not.  Or when you suddenly get just the thing you were needing and didn’t even know you needed it?  Or when you’re thinking of someone and they call?

It just seems to me to be amazing that light refracts before it hits the water.  How does it know?  And that little pieces of matter (I forget what they’re called) change when they’re observed.  oh you call that quantum physics?  I call it magic.

It’s like the internet.  I’m a reasonably well educated woman.  But it seems to me that the internet is so much bigger than it’s parts… that it’s not even the same thing it started out as.  Take music…some strings, some wood or plastic, some notes….but music is so much more than that….that right there? ….that ineffable something?….I call that magic.  Or consider art…..some paper, some paint….and look at the end result.  Someone has conveyed an emotion or an idea without ever talking to you.  Magic.  In the flesh.  Yes siree bob tail.


Mold Goddess will travel


Yesterday we cleaned out my mother-in-laws basement.  It had been leaking and the mold was unbelievable.  Evan’s brothers were there and we had to wear masks and one of them wore a hazmat suit.  Here’s the thing, it’s just a crappy job no matter how you look at it.  But I found that I was able to be grateful for a lot of things.  It was a beautiful day with a breeze, I don’t know what we would have done had it been really hot.  We were able to save his Mom money by doing it, etc.  And I have to say, I love love the patina that mold produces.

Unfortunately nothing could be saved because mold travels.  It floats in the air and settles, and colonizes,  and apparently is almost impossible to get rid of.  I was thinking the whole time…wouldn’t it be nice if good things were as tenacious as mold?  If peace and love, and gratitude and abundance just sent out spores to all the parts of this earth and settled and grew as tenaciously and even aggressively as mold.   All accompanied by good smells instead of bad…like , I don’t know, spearmint?  Spearmint scented peace..can you dig it?

So of course today I had to do some digital art with myself as the “Mold Goddess” .  I could hardly resist.  Would you have been able to?  So there I am with clean water, a clean, pure, white polar bear (bears are one of my things).  The ocean in the background because it continually is cleaning the shores, and a wolf in the eye of the headband just to watch over the whole job.


You were only waiting for this moment to arise….

So I am fascinated with crows. Crows you say? What the heck? But it’s true. I’ve noticed something about these birds. They’re smarter than I am. Yep. I’m pretty sure they’re smarter than most other creatures too. We live on an apple orchard and I have lots of opportunities to watch crows at work. It doesn’t matter where I am in the house when I look out the window and grab a camera, they see me and are gone.

In Native american wisdom ,”Crow is the left-handed guardian. Crow knows the unknowable mysteries of creation and is the keeper of all sacred law. Crow medicine people are masters of illusion. Do not try to figure crow out. It is the power of the unknown at work, and something special is about to happen. Crow guides the magic of healing and the change in consciousness that will bring about a new reality and dispel “dis-ease” or illness. You can rest assured when ever crows are around, magic is nearby and you are about to experience a change in consciousness. Crow can give you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form.”

But here’s what I know…Crow is about change. Change can be so hard to embrace…but like the song says “You were only waiting for this moment to arise”. I think if we can embrace change , then new parts of ourselves can arise and start to grow and fly. Like night births a new day, the black of crow can help you embrace and birth a change in yourself. At least that’s what I hope.