Life truths…

I was watching Caroline Myss on Oprah this weekend.  She said something pretty amazing.  She said that a lot of people are chasing a life that wasn’t meant to be theirs.  Basically she said that we had a soul contract and that we got here and got distracted,  by the “American Dream” or “American Idol”.  Basically she was saying that when you’ve done all you know how to do and it still doesn’t work…that it wasn’t your path to begin with.  That’s why you lost your way. I had to sit with that one for awhile.  I understood exactly what she was talking about.  But…lol…..if you know when you wake up in the morning that all you want to do is create art, then, you’re an artist.  However; possibly that’s not the main thing.  Maybe it’s a hobby.  Or maybe it sort of leads into what you’re meant to be doing.  Don’t know.  Don’t care…la, la, la, la.  Yes I did put my fingers in my ears and sing.

Then in a lucid, adult moment I did have to consider this truth.  I find it very difficult to see a truth and then ignore it.  Well, I can ignore it but I’m only pretending to ignore it.  Everyone may think I am ignoring it, but I’m not really.  I’m usually meditating on it.  Or letting it marinate.  One or the other. So then I was left with that idea and it was sort of depressing…I won’t lie.  Artists spend truly amazing amounts of time practicing.  It’s hard work whethor you know it or not.  Focusing on details, finding materials, paying for materials, looking at trends, ignoring trends, trying different things to get out of the box, visually portraying your feelings, puttting it all out there to be judged, ignoring judgements and criticisms from family and well meaning friends, etc. etc. In the end, after many hours, many dollars, many lessons, you are left with voluminous amounts of artwork staring back at you from every corner of your home and studio. Some good, some bad, and some occasionally great.(  As a matter of fact, my daughter asked me recently “if something happens to you, what should I do with all of it?  I mean there’s too much for me to keep all of it”!)

Now what?   Dang it!  Because… just because you learn a truth doesn’t mean you act on it.  Am I right? You know and I know that I’m probably not right.  I hate it when that happens.