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Hi there,

I’m a mixed media artist living in the mountains of Western NC.  I love paint, acrylics, pastels, paper, duct tape, glitter, journaling, mixed media, fabric, scrapping, pencils and art.  I’ve learned you can do anything with a little duct tape and glue.  Well and then there’s glitter.  Who couldn’t use a little more glitter, a little more sparkle in their lives.   Oh and I do believe in world peace…I do!

Thanks for joining me!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have love & peace & hotflashes!!!! Not so much on the Arts & Crafts tho 🙂 Miss seeing and being around all your Art and Crafts tho!

  2. I have so enjoyed the art that you share on FB and am excited to follow your blog. Nick and Ronnie have shared their art for years and through them I have been blessed with the beautiful and most meaningful pieces that you and your students create!

  3. Hello Fonda
    I would really love to join your cours wich starts tomorrow… but I have to wait for my cheque end of next week… can I join the classe next week? (27.November?)

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