Energy does expand…..Or why you should cheer on your peers!

A friend of mine recently asked me…”why do you share other artists posts about their classes or successes.  Aren’t you a little jealous?”  “Aren’t you afraid that your students will become their students..etc.”?  The answer to that is a big NO. No I’m not afraid, no I’m not envious, no I don’t think my classes will suffer.  No, no, no to all of that.  Do I wish their success was mine? No. Because then I would have to create like them, or be them and I can’t do that.  So that would be a big fail lol.

What I do think is this…there is enough success to go around for everyone.  If you don’t believe that than just look out into the world.  Lots and lots and lots of successful people.   On every level and in every business.  Not just financially successful,  but emotionally and spiritually successful.  It’s not like there are two spots in the success business,  and you just got mine.  If you truly believe in success than you know that it is infinite and not finite.   My spot can’t be taken by you. If I gain my spot it does not cause you to lose yours.

And let me just say as an aside here…I see a lot of stuff about people copying someone else’s style.  Or their ideas. I’m a strong believer that we all sometimes copy in order to learn. (while of course giving credit to the teacher for that style as we are learning)  But long term…copiers won’t be successful.  They don’t have the same inspiration as the original artist. Their art will not be their own and will tend to fall flat. I can copy lots of styles for a short amount of time…but long term it doesn’t work for me and it won’t work for them.   I tend to ignore those people and go on about my creative life.  Ain’t nobody got time for all that!  And still those people are not “taking” my spot. To the copiers I would say…if you want a sure fire way to stop the creative energetic flow….keep it up! Because all of that copying crap comes from fear of not being good enough and laziness.  And that kind of fear/attitude is death to your art practice.  Just saying.

Back to the most important reason you should cheer on your peers.  Because it takes a village.  That’s why.  It takes friends, and supporters to even start to be successful in the art world.  It takes an amazing amount of energy and practice and just all around knowledge to begin the journey.   I applaud that in others,  I applaud that in you…I applaud that in myself.  I want you to cheer me on as I’m on the journey, to be smiling at me because you are happy for me.  Just as I am happy for you.  Your success is my success because it gets the energy moving.  See how that works?  That right there is how energy expands and fills up the world.  Thank you!  You’re welcome!


8 thoughts on “Energy does expand…..Or why you should cheer on your peers!

  1. Thanks for your great post Fonda. I practice art just for myself and I see it inspires the rest of my life to think out of the box and be creative, I see it inspires my family in many ways and I love making stuff with my grandchildren. For me it’s the process that feels so good. I love looking at others art and noticing what I am drawn to and learning from this is all still my own art and I thank everyone for the inspiration I receive from them. The internet is worldwide so there are million “successful” artist!

    • Betsie….isn’t the internet wonderful. So much inspiration and I think what you’re talking about is a wonderful way to go about it. Noticing what calls to you! Thank you for reaching out to let me know!!! xo

  2. I am wearing a little short skirt and waving streaming thingies around and pom poms are swinging everywhere (can you tell I was never a cheerleader?) and I am shouting, in a sing song rhythm, REALLY loudly: FON-DA, FON-DA, FON-DA!

    That was my way of saying I love what you are saying, in this post, and every piece of art you push out of your big heart and soul.

  3. Hi Fonda,
    Thanks so much for this article. l am for ever being told l shouldn’t be so “giving” of my art techniques! I feel the same ways as you. I have only just come across your art and boy does it speak to me.xx At present l am living in Australia, looking after my two year old grandson, as my son and his wife work full time. so as you can imagine there is not a lot of time for me. BUT l am loving doing art with my grandson. I closed down my Art School for children, in London, UK to be here. My art helps to keep me sane!! Lynda

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