Hugs aren’t optional!

I spent the weekend surrounded by babies….and Moms and Moms to be. Surrounded by our adult children and their wives and husbands.  And that was a perfect Mother’s day!  It occurred to me as I watched our LARGE and getting larger family hanging out on the front porch together…laughing and singing and playing…just how lucky we are.  I watched babies wander from adult to adult, getting bites here and there from random plates, sitting in laps, being soothed by whichever Mom, Dad, grandparent, or adult was around. Countless times I watched young toddlers fall, shake it off and get a hug from the nearest adult. I watched young moms sharing their tips and experiences with one another.  I watched the young men and women in our family without kids, gaining experience with their nephews and cousins.  So that when they have children there will be a little less uncertainty.  It was chaotic and messy and glorious. I was completely worn out by the time all the kids were gathered, the bouncy house was deflated, and the dishes put away.

I thought a lot this weekend about the people in this world and the children who aren’t so lucky.  There are children out there who aren’t getting hugs and reassurance from adults.  Who don’t have a role model.  Adults too.  I think it’s sort of obvious just from our politics that this is true. I hear friends, and peers ask…”what can I do about it”?  And I hear… “nothing I do will make a difference”(wrong).  I think the answer is sort of obvious.   Hug someone.  Hug yourself. Hug a child. Heck…hug a tree.  Create a space in the world where hugs are the norm and not the unusual. Slow down and spend some time with your family and be in community.   Because this is what I know…Hugs aren’t optional.  They are necessary and a requirement.  And they can change the world.  True Story.

8 thoughts on “Hugs aren’t optional!

  1. Your art and reflections are so rich and lovely. Thank you for sharing these windows into your heart of hope and possibility. As a mother with a young child, I am especially heartened by your words over the past few days around Mother’s Day. We so need the “grandparents” (like you) who know another way than what the world shows us.

    • Angela thank you so much! It’s hard being a mom of a little one these days for sure. Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world I think. Well I know it is for me anyway. Your job is so important!!! x

  2. Beautifully put! I think that’s the hardest thing about being single is the lack of physical affection/holding hands/hugging. Fortunately, I have lots of friends who are very loving and I do get my share of hugs, and you are so right about the necessity of hugs. And what a beautiful painting. Your mother’s day sounds wonderful.

    • Alisa thank you so much! I think everything moves so fast these days that we forget the little (although really big) things like hugging and hand holding and cuddling. Not just single people but people in relationships too. x

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I always tell Malcolm his hugs are the best – he gives and receives lots of them. And since his are about the only hugs I ever get, they mean the world to me. You are so blessed, as you well know, to have a large and loving family.

  4. How lovely Fonda. These words are very apt for me at the moment, having just spent 10 days with babies, family. Have had the same thought & sense of gratitude but could never express these as eloquently, as heart felt as you do xo

    • Anne the one thing I always think when I see your comments in groups is just how eloquent you are! I can rarely think of anything to say other than “love this”. So I bet you could! But thank you so much❤️

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