The Warp and the Weft

Ugh.  Just spent about an hour writing a beautiful post and it disappeared!  so here it is as best I remember…lol

Someone told me once that we are breathing the same air as DaVinci and Buddha and even the first woman.  It made me dizzy.  Lots of things make me dizzy…quantum physics, roller coaster rides, the edge of the universe, etc. etc.  Years later I’ve begun to sort of understand this thought. It really means that we are all connected.  I am and so are you.  It’s sort of like looking at Bamboo.  An entire stand of Bamboo is really just one organism (another nifty dizzying thought).

If you follow this idea though, it means that I am connected not just with the earth and the air I breathe, but also I’m connected with the dolphins, the whales, the roses, and flowers, the birds,  majestic trees, the moon and the stars,  and with people.  Not just the ones I like, but with all of them.

It’s a thread that connects you with everyone and everything on this earth. We’re all entertwined .  The warp and weft of the thread is perfect because you are a part of it.  You,  in all your glory, with all of your faults and promise.  It would not be the same,  if you weren’t a part of it.  It’s taken me years to understand that and internalize it.  But once I know something, I find it difficult to not know it.  I really do think I have it, for now.  And this idea is simmering with me, below the surface.  So of course it comes out in my journaling.  I’m made from the same stuff as this world.  How breathtaking!

So…. hello world that I was born from and into.  Hello!




8 thoughts on “The Warp and the Weft

    • Terry thank you so much. You’re pretty special your own dang self! Hope all is going as well as it can. I know how hard the process for healing is when you are the one healing and when you are the caretaker. It’s a lot!!! Sending you good thoughts my friend!

  1. Lovely…you probably even have some of Da Vinci’s biological stuff in ya…since matter can not disappear only reconfigure…what you write here is Buddhism 101…we are everything and everything is us….treat everything accordingly. xx

    • Carissa I agree. I’m often stuck in the Buddhism 101 course in life. lol. But I love the thought of matter not disappearing dont you? x

  2. Wonderful share, Fonda; thank you. I’m still working on this one – I get it but not always happy about it. Doesn’t help to resist it, does it? For me, it’s sort of 2 steps forward and 1 step back; getting closer and closer to accepting this concept. Love your honesty, love, and your shares.

    • Joanne, Thank you so much! I agree that its two steps forward and back. It’s the dance isn’t it? The learning dance that we all do that makes life interesting I think. x

  3. It is breathtaking, Fonda, and the way you express your ideas in journaling is so fresh and unique. I am happy to be connected to you (and everything else), even though it seems to me some weeding could be done on the giant interconnected organism or structure. Nevertheless, those parts of us I am less fond of are still “me.” I like to think I am the weft and they are the warped, lol, even if such ideas do a nice job of eradicating dichotomies. Hail the universal continuum!

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