Non-Movement Movement

You see a lot of talk these days about “pushing beyond limitations” and “rising above your limitations” and “we’re souls having a human experience” and “focusing on the positives” and “healing ourselves with the power within”.  This is the “buzz” philosophy of the moment.  And, I agree with them all, I really do.  But I was thinking this morning as I watched Evan hobble across the floor and then cry out in pain when he decided to put the pepper back in the cabinet(because he has repetitive use syndrome, and arthritis, and pinched nerves, and bone spurs in his shoulders).  Isn’t some of this thinking what gets us in trouble to begin with?  We are souls having a human experience but that means we have some physical limitations…sure we are completely limitless as souls, but our bodies have limits.  Real ones.  And it seems to me that it’s dangerous to ignore them in our quest for spiritual enlightenment and “pushing beyond”.

I married into a farming family.  The battle cry on Orchard Road is “it’s got to be done”.  No matter what.  I get it, I really do.  If the farming wasn’t done, the family didn’t eat or pay their bills. This philosophy is ingrained in my husband, to his detriment at times.  If you can get something done by physical power and stamina, he’s going to do it no matter the cost. To him, or his body.  Now he’s paying for that with pain.

I understand…my sister and I have always been fairly strong by feminine standards.  I’ve always taken that strength for granted.  The truth is….I just have more limitations, myself, than I used to.    I hurt more and it takes me longer to heal.  But the thing is…I don’t consider that a problem, I consider that a natural progression for me.  I’m learning to adjust and ask for help when needed.  That’s because I’m a woman and can even ask for directions when necessary lol. I feel free to join the “non-movement Movement” when I need to.  Call it lazy and selfish, I call it informed and powerful…I know my physical limitations. I mean we should all get to feel just fine sometimes…and we can only do that by taking care of ourselves.

But I’m getting off track.  Here’s my point.  (and I can hear the generation  ahead of mine, huffing) We have to remember what we’re doing here.  Not showing our great physical strength, not amassing large amounts of things, not chasing the latest celebrity,  or doing it better than our neighbors, or any of that stuff we were taught as kids.  We’re here to grow as souls.  Learn compassion, empathy and learn to judge less and love more.   And we’re also here to learn some limitations sometimes….I believe it, because it points to the things that are important.  Those things that are important?  they are NOT how many miles you can walk,or how many pounds you can carry,living in the biggest house or judging others for what they can and can not do.  Big Karmic No No in my opinion.  Of course that’s a judgement on my part…lol.


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