Taking care of Yourself

It’s been brought home to me in the last few weeks….the importance of taking care of yourself.  Not just taking time for art or a nap but truly listening to your body.  Listening to that intuitive part of yourself that says….”hey, you are overbooked, overextended and the well is dry” .

I’m not going to lie, I’m an over giver.  True story.  I can come home tired and sick and one of the kids will ask and you better believe I will rouse myself and provide.  But you can only do that so long.  Then your body says “hey…you’re not listening so I’m going to slow you down a little more” and that is not good.  Nope. Not good at all.  So, now I’m listening body.  I’ve set my boundaries, told everyone and I’m hoping against hope to do better…lol.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

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