And yet…she persisted!


I recently had someone tell me on Facebook that they were tired of all the political stuff.  I get it.  I do.  But how can you be tired of fighting for whats right?  There are bad people out there that count on us to get tired.  In fact, they count on it so much that you hear it on the news and from elected officials.  Constantly. They’ve even begun to spread rumors that the outrage of the American people is being paid for by “liberal activists”.  I haven’t received a dime nor would I expect to.  This is the American way. Not my job!!

And there are people out there who don’t understand why the “liberals” are upset.  They want us to give this new administration a chance.  I’m not one to use a broad brush in painting people who are different from me, people who believe differently, as evil.  I don’t believe that.  But I do believe that there are people who are ok with evil things happening as long as it doesn’t affect them or their loved ones.  This will not play out well for anyone.  We have to get involved.  We have to have a dialogue about the direction of our nation.  Democracy is a spectator sport.  It just is.   So today….I only ask that people get involved.  In whatever you believe in.  I will not try to argue you around to my admittedly liberal point of view.  But I will ask you to reflect how you would feel if some of the things that are happening today…happened to you, or your family.  OM.