Grace, Gratitude and Kleenex


Summer will soon be drawing to a close.  And all I can say is that I’m thankful to be emerging from summer intact…mostly.  You’ve heard me talk about our schedule but just to recap….we had a daughter and a son get married within four weeks of each other. So previous to that there were eight showers.  Two children graduated from college, two children began Graduate school this fall, one child traveled to Japan, one son moved out and one daughter moved in the next day with her husband and 18 month old and one on the way in October. We built a small cottage for one daughter and moved three or four kids this summer.  Hard to remember now…all the in between stuff as well. It was hectic squared. These days we are running around after an 18 month old and hoping that our lives will calm down just a little.

I’ve learned a few lessons along the way.  One of them is that you should never NEVER allow more than one child to get married at a time.  Lol. Trust me on this one. Dont. Do. It.  Just go ahead and make your life a little easier.  Another lesson I learned is that things hardly ever work out the way you planned….so the universe will give you lots of opportunities to be flexible and feel silly for wasting all that time planning.  Don’t proclaim things to all the people around you.  That was a good lesson I learned this summer.  I told every child within a 5 mile radius how much I was going to enjoy our newfound space and freedom once they were all moved out.  I even wrote a blog post about it.  That space in our home wasn’t empty even 24 hours.  Yeah thanks universe for that lesson.  I really enjoyed the comments from family and friends over that.  All kidding aside though…this lesson is one of sharing, and caring, and doing what you have to do to make sure all the members of your family are taken care of.  No matter what.  Because in the end, family is more important that space.  It just is.  I’ve learned a lot about what I could do physically and what I could not.  About the need for self-care in the midst of chaos.  I’m grateful for those lessons for sure.  They will be applied in many ways over the coming months.

Mostly I learned even more about being immersed in family events and family life.  I learned more about myself than I expected since really none of it was about me.  I learned a few new lessons about this journey of parenthood and what it takes in an ongoing sort of way. I learned that if I never have to go to another shower I will be ecstatic.  I learned that too!  And I get to celebrate not having another one to go to this summer.  Woot!  Mostly I learned that grace under pressure, gratitude, and few kleenex will get you a long way down the road.  True Story.


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