Sacred Space

Two weddings within three weeks of each other, two graduations, one trip to Japan, small cottage building, umpteen hours of dental work, new grandbaby and new one on the way, all coming up fast….and me. Feeling slightly overwhelmed. True story. 

Our home is filled with nerves, lists, furniture and presents for the newlyweds, rescued pets, junks, paper towels marked with paint, wedding clothes to be taken in or let out,  projects stacked and unsorted, half read books, half eaten meals, half finished pieces of art work and me.
So what can I do when I am overwhelmed by the demands of so many?  This is my struggle right now.  I breathe.  I claim those small spaces and moments that are mine.  I consciously create time in my schedule just for me. Does it work?  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.  And when it doesn’t,  I remind myself that  these are the demands of a large family.  This is what it means to be in community right now, for me.  I remind myself that the lessons in my life right now are all about boundaries (some that I have in place and many that I have been lacking)  I remind myself about the journey, the parts I enjoy…and the parts that I don’t.  Note to self.  Right?
  Lessons learned. No  need to put myself in an overwhelming space like this again in the future.  We all only have so much to give and I was already starting this race lacking the go juice for this marathon. So I don’t beat myself up…I simply take note and try to learn.  soon I will have my sacred space back in  order…both the physical and the spiritual.  Soon I will be  holding that space hard.  And this hard won space will be all the more precious  You can count on it!
WIP “Sacred Space”
sacred space

In my Spare time (new listings)

So in my spare time…I create.  Little moments stolen from the demands of life in a big family.  I haven’t made the time lately to make sure that my listings were updated on Etsy.  But I did today.  Woot! And it is very cool sometimes to see all of this artwork together and realize that you can create a body of work in those small moments.  You can.


Alien Thoughts bear channel Choose thoughts that bring relief claim your strength you are not that fragile Culturally transmitted madness Driving the Prejudice Vehicle is a dead end job hush hush I Am You I know you by your opposites listen as hard as you can mostly just a dream mother maiden crone Not bone tired but heart tired objects of scrutiny Once there existed a golden time One day at a time Playing the part despite her ancient knowledge Rabbit Requiem of doubt secure in the strength she was born with Some angel that wanted you to choose to breathe Tell The Truth The magic never left you The Unique Ones tired of watching every step waiting on the next step to be revealed what goes on in the pauses What if you're just too damn tired whispering fairy tales to my inner child