A very wonderful friend gifted me a spot to give away in 21 SECRETS!  YAAAYYYY!  So the first person to leave a comment will win their very own spot.  Once you’ve won,  you will receive an email at some point today from 21 SECRETS.  So please leave your email in your comment for me!  Can’t wait to see you in class!21SFall15collage

And the winners are……..

There were so many lovely friends and comments on my blog! Wow….I finally had to put the names in a bowl and draw. So it truly was random. So TA DA….Kim Mailhot and Joys MacLaurin please private message me your email address. You guys won a free pass for 21 Secrets and I couldn’t be happier to share my first online class with you! WOOT! Everyone else…thank you, thank you for your lovely comments!

On the day that class starts you will receive an email with links. YAYYYY!21SFall15collage


Product of Environment

I am beyond excited to announce that I will be teaching a “SoulStories” class in the 21 Secrets Fall class!  And even better I have two free spaces to give away!  Woot!!!  Just leave me a comment and I will be picking two people randomly by Sunday, September 20th.  Make sure to leave me your email address so that I can confirm your space in the class.


Soulstories is all about creating from that intuitive place we all have within us. We all have original, personal stories that we would like to access and convey in our art. However, it’s easy to run into trouble when it comes to expressing them. Soulstories will help you overcome those obstacles and get your story out onto your journal page using archetypal thought processes, tips and techniques that make it easy to access that part of you that needs to be heard.   Most people are surprised at what is waiting to be said.


Can’t wait to see you there!!


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