Gratitude and why I’m so grateful for it….


so usually about this time of year I start thinking of things I’m grateful for….not gonna lie, birthday gifts and wishes often prompt this thought process.  I do try to have a daily gratitude practice though.  Because trust me, you don’t get to be 52 without being grateful for quite a few things.  And I’ve found that if you don’t pause to recognize…then less and less things to be grateful for wander into your little world.  True story. Sad story for a lot of people. So here’s the list…(I love lists, lol,  because they nudge my memory and just for the whole list-iness  of them)

so first thing always, always, grateful for my family.  That’s right family I’m grateful for you first and foremost.  You people also drive me crazy lol. But isn’t that what family has agreed to do for you on some level?  Point out your flaws, notice your strengths, call you out on any manner of craziness?  Hug you and love you and squeeze your little head off your shoulders?  Yeah that’s what family is for.  To mirror you back to yourself and help you grow into who you’re supposed to be.  And to remember all those embarrassing stories so you don’t get too full of yourself and forget your path.  So grateful, grateful, grateful.

As a new friend of mine mentioned recently…I’m an aromapath. (Thanks Amanda Grace for that most excellent term!!)  Just to be clear..I am not grateful for all those synthetic scents that people are filling up my breathing space with..NO WAY.  But I am grateful for natural scents, peppermint, cedar, roses, apple blossoms, sun-warmed wood, fresh clean breezes with scents too light to identify, ozone after the thunderstorm, bacon on sunday, fresh lavender and so many many more.

Today I am practicing gratitude for my body.  The way it works so efficiently, and the way it moves relatively pain free. relatively.  Still I can’t complain.  Well I could,  but complaining and gratitude do NOT go together.  I’m grateful for the years of service my body put in without complaining.  Just doing it’s job for the most part year in and year out.  Thank you kind body for your years of service.  thank you.

Art.  Oh what can I say about you that I haven’t felt and said over and over?  I’m grateful in every way and every day that you are in my life.  You have allowed me to express myself in line and color and words.  You are the practice that allows me to go soul diving for treasure.  Art is my practice, my meditation, my being.  That’s right… and don’t judge me for gushing here.  Gushing is allowed in relation to Art.  It just is.   Art has allowed me to take small pieces of my soul and make them visible to the human eye. Art has been the signpost and the companion on every journey I’ve made on this path for many years.  So thank you bestie for your constant inspiration and company!  Woot!

I’m grateful for gratitude.  That’s right, this is not a typo.  Because gratitude as a practice causes you to pause, consider, reconsider, search for that space of light and brightness, that sense of the sacred behind and beyond the scenes that we all should dwell in a little more often.  Because that space right there…that space is the healing space.  That space is your true and spacious home.  It is.  And it always will be.  So say thank you people, and mean it.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude and why I’m so grateful for it….

  1. Fonda, thank you so much for this lovely blog post – I’m so grateful for your heartfelt words and for the serendipidous timing of it. I guess I haven’t yet made gratitude a habit, because I was feeling pretty down over post surgery pain (minor surgery) that makes it’s temporarily painful to use my hand, and prevents me from creating art for a few weeks, and over the fact that my husband’s and my combined credit scores are 6 points too low to allow us to refinance our home and thereby save $3000 a year. I purposely wrote those details down here so I could look at how insignificant they are in the larger scheme of things. I feel so much better after reading your post. I am grateful for many of the same things you mention, and of course much more. Thank you for reminding me, friend.

    • Jacklyn,
      I think it’s so hard when we are surrounded by “downers” to practice gratitude. Of course that’s the exact time when we need to…but I must admit I struggle with it at those exact times lol. I wonder if you could try creating with your other hand. At least for backgrounds? I often do that just to break myself out of the mold. Just a thought. I hope this finds you well and feeling better every day! xo Fonda

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