The Universe Conspires

"The Universe Conspires"

“The Universe Conspires”

The universe conspires doesn’t it?  To teach us what we most need to know.  To help us on our growth journey.  I think it does, I see it every day in my life and others.  And every day I forget that small important piece of wisdom…lol.  I keep reminding myself of it when I take a breath, when I pause, when I can stay centered in the moment, when I journal, when I create, when I’m kind, when I share empathy with another human soul here on this path. So that’s what I’m thinking…. over here in this apple orchard on a small mountain.  in the rain.

2 thoughts on “The Universe Conspires

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Though I often can’t refrain from complaining when events and people don’t cooperate as I feel they should, I know in my spirit that all is working as it should. I don’t have to steer the craft, just pay attention on the ride.

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