Spirit guides…

I’ve been working in my Spirit guide journal this week.  So I see an animal or one comes to mind.  I paint it and then I get to look up the meaning.  I’ve decided lately that there are just no “coincidences”.  Take this bunny, I had no idea that one of the meanings was “moving thru fear”.  It’s so perfect for what I’m worrying about this week.  So perfect.  It’s a very cool way to speak with your subconscious. To filter thru the junk and come up with the treasure.  And of course…I’m always happy and comfortable when I’m painting animals.




“moving thru fear”



“pay attention to the elders”



“filtering soul lessons”


“Personal power”


“women’s healing wisdom”


“moon magic”


2 thoughts on “Spirit guides…

  1. Love…Love…Love…. “A very cool way to speak with your subconscious. To Filter through the junk and come up with the treasure”… YES!

    I just got internet at home Fonda… I can’t tell you how excited I am now that I can browse and visit and connect instead of just always being under pressure 9-5 xox

    Keep filtering and dishin up your beautiful treasure <3

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