More glue journal adventures….


“You are here”

There’s something really satisfying about playing with glue.  And scissors and old magazines.  Well if I’m honest I should add glitter and duct tape to the list too although I didn’t use those here lol.  This little manila folder journal is just about finished!  Woot! 10299521_1028164110530616_6521807969536717856_n 10393919_1028164177197276_4287305657727366760_n 10410948_1028164287197265_8714656663388294225_n 10425076_1028164160530611_3227313394495567128_n 10425088_1028164193863941_2721475634314605022_n 11008826_1028164130530614_2117449538178905325_n 11041770_1028164077197286_6419275455018089082_n 11044501_1028164263863934_4662530310343491691_n 11046302_1028164230530604_5140098406622998836_n

6 thoughts on “More glue journal adventures….

    • Denise H, I’m working on that now. I will let you know as soon as I have details! Thank you for your lovely compliments! xo Fonda

  1. I love them all, but the one that hit me the most was, “My Touch Was Not Wanted.” The image is powerful on its own, and the comment adds more weight. It’s haunting, in a memorable way.

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