Processing…with art


Cover- “processing”

So last week I saw all of these posts about Meander journals.  I couldn’t resist that.  Had to do one immediately lol.  Because, you know, it caught my interest and I was off and down the rabbit hole.  I’m adding more detail this weekend but I was pretty jazzed about the whole project.  No sew?  you betcha!…I’m all about some glue and paint journals that requires no dang sewing.  lol.  Because the part I like is not the technical part, the part I like is where my subconscious/my soul sits up and starts sending me telegrams about how I’m thinking and processing and feeling.  Woot!  You just can’t beat that with a big stick!!



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  1. These are great! I especially love the ‘She made her loneliness a fashion statement’ spread. What is a meander journal and where can I find out more?

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