More Spirit Guide adventures


“Allow foresight to lead the way”


“You are a creative influential force”


“Shift your focus to view the whole picture”


“Creativity and Cosmic conciousness”


“Communication with spirit dreams”

So once I’m onto a project…I can’t just walk away can I?  So here are a few more animals in my spirit guide journal adventures… I will be finishing up this journal soon.  Time to start wondering what the next book will bring.  Yeah, I don’t have a clue, but that’s the fun of it!

Spirit guides…

I’ve been working in my Spirit guide journal this week.  So I see an animal or one comes to mind.  I paint it and then I get to look up the meaning.  I’ve decided lately that there are just no “coincidences”.  Take this bunny, I had no idea that one of the meanings was “moving thru fear”.  It’s so perfect for what I’m worrying about this week.  So perfect.  It’s a very cool way to speak with your subconscious. To filter thru the junk and come up with the treasure.  And of course…I’m always happy and comfortable when I’m painting animals.




“moving thru fear”



“pay attention to the elders”



“filtering soul lessons”


“Personal power”


“women’s healing wisdom”


“moon magic”


Processing…with art


Cover- “processing”

So last week I saw all of these posts about Meander journals.  I couldn’t resist that.  Had to do one immediately lol.  Because, you know, it caught my interest and I was off and down the rabbit hole.  I’m adding more detail this weekend but I was pretty jazzed about the whole project.  No sew?  you betcha!…I’m all about some glue and paint journals that requires no dang sewing.  lol.  Because the part I like is not the technical part, the part I like is where my subconscious/my soul sits up and starts sending me telegrams about how I’m thinking and processing and feeling.  Woot!  You just can’t beat that with a big stick!!



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Sometimes it’s hard to show up in whatever practice you’ve decided on.  So I find that some evenings when I finally get the time to sit down….I don’t want to journal.  But, I know, for myself, that if I don’t I feel unfinished.  Left undone.  Like forgetting to brush your teeth or wash your face.  That’s what journaling does for me at the end of the evening, it leaves me a little cleaner…with a little more clarity at the end of the day.  And those days I don’t want to show up…those are the days when I most need to.  But sometimes I just don’t or can’t. I don’t beat myself up over it…but I feel it in an uneasy way until I’m back on track.  That small uneasy feeling…that’s when you know you’re going in the wrong direction.  Sometimes it seems too…that the days I don’t want to show up are the days when I dislike the message on the page.  Which is another reason to show up in your practice.  Because it’s all about the whole thing…the ugly and the beautiful, the good and the bad, the light and the dark.  Every artist knows that a piece of art is not really very good without all of those.  Just saying.sisters