Finally finished my Archetype Series….

So I finally finished my archetype series.  It’s fun to look at them together.  And fun to realize that each one is my interpretation of them.

The rebel final

“The Rebel”


“The Jester”

high final

“The High Priestess”

caregiver painting final

“The Caregiver”

the magician final

“The Magician”


"The Innocent

“The Innocent”

The Explorer final

“The Explorer”


"The Creator"

“The Creator”

"The Ruler"

“The Ruler”



the orphan painting final one

“The Orphan”


"The Lover"

“The Lover”

5 thoughts on “Finally finished my Archetype Series….

  1. Wow, Fonda…looks like you nailed them. Very powerful. I had such a reaction to the Caregiver. Kind of a punch- me-in-the-face reaction. Hated the idea of people hanging on me yet, look at the work I do. It reminds me of the need for change, it’s a role that just simply doesn’t fit anymore. Like, you can walk away from crazy…I need to move out of that safe comfort of caregiving that so defines me. Much to think about today. I could write about each of your archetypes and your portrayal. And, aren’t we all everyone. Again, love your sensitive and thoughtful work. Useful for my art journal writing today for sure.

    • Joys thank you so much! Yes the caregiver is one that resonates strongly with me too. As a matter of fact, it’s the first one I did. And at some point, the burden becomes awfully heavy.

  2. Oh Fonda…

    This is amazing. I love this series, love your art and I am LOVING the seedlings of a new friendship with you. I so appreciate you having reached out through the cyber wall and helped me out and encouraged me the way you have. Yes!! I love meeting people I actually, really like!! Lol

    I can’t wait to have your art in my home Fonda…thank you xx

    Amanda xoxo

    • Awww Amanda Grace….I’m enjoying our friendship as well. Lol…you are refreshing!! And I am impatient to have your art on my art wall. I sent you a little surprise in your package. Just for fun. Let me know when you get it!
      xo Fonda

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