Finally finished my Archetype Series….

So I finally finished my archetype series.  It’s fun to look at them together.  And fun to realize that each one is my interpretation of them.

The rebel final

“The Rebel”


“The Jester”

high final

“The High Priestess”

caregiver painting final

“The Caregiver”

the magician final

“The Magician”


"The Innocent

“The Innocent”

The Explorer final

“The Explorer”


"The Creator"

“The Creator”

"The Ruler"

“The Ruler”



the orphan painting final one

“The Orphan”


"The Lover"

“The Lover”

just a thought

split soulfinal

We are all needy, all vulnerable, all terrified that perhaps people have a reason to withhold affection.  We shape our purpose, our lives, to make ourselves worthy of love, of notice, of being seen… and often do not see ourselves, until much later, how it was love or perhaps the lack of it..that both picked us up and dropped us off at the crossroads where we now stand.

Good Morning from the Orchard


We got a lot of sleet last night from “Winter Storm Octavia” lol.  I’m not sure that I like this anthropomorphizing of storms.  It seems excessive and scary.  It did give me a little time to paint in daylight which was a happy thing.  Normally I paint at night and I’ve gotten used to a different light.  I kept telling everyone who was in ear length (mostly the dogs) “look at these pretty colors…lol”

Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude because the group of artists I talk to on facebook have all agreed to an art swap with my students at the non profit!!!  It’s like Christmas over here because I cannot wait to see their faces when they get a note and piece of art from a “real Artist” as they say.  So each teen will get their own piece of original art and a note that’s positive from someone and then they are going to be sending art back.  We’re going to start on that Friday, weather permitting.  Woot!!!  I’ll post pictures of all the art when I have it all.  The world is a good and wonderful place in my opinion today!




“You are the well-trodden, dusty tracks of habit
and you are a freedom so brilliant it brings
deities to their knees.

You are the hesitation and the mistrust that make us
so desperately cling to the plastic replicas of who we are,
and you are the ache of the real calling us from the other side of risk.
You are that mystical courage
that makes us get up and out of bed each morning, despite it all.

Achingly beautiful, dull, exhilarating,
horrendous, paradoxical, cosmic, dense,
dark matter and radiance beyond measure.
Here is your world.
Here it is.

You have been so busy creating walls,
squeezing your tail and your wings
into this digestible hand-me-down dress,
trying so very hard to compartmentalize the
unfathomable wilderness that you are.

There is no action, no withholding,
no sprouting or rotting,
no lover or predator,
no loser or hero,
no wound nor victory
that is not you.

Here is your world.
Here it is.”

:: Chameli Devi

New Listings…

I’ve got some new listings up.  Check them out when you get a chance.



“Stapled Wings” – Original Mixed Media 12 x12



“She Cobbled Together Her Beliefs” Original 12 x12 Mixed Media



“What if there is no difference” 8 x 10 Original Mixed Media


Listening 12 x 12 Original Mixed Media


Limitations 8 x10 Original Mixed Media

Not sure who they are

“Really not sure who they are despite the signs” Original mixed media 8 x 10

Product of Environment

“Product of Environment” Original 12 x 12 Mixed Media

Dear Lord