Some people had asked about a process.  So here it is.  I normally work in old books.  I use bits and pieces of collage that interest me.  Then I doodle around them:)  I use golden medium to adhere the collage and clear gesso over that. I use neocolors, and sharpies and letreset markers.   I’m normally just sitting in front of TV or listening to music.  Not thinking about what I want it to look like.  Then I get words and plop them on the page.  Over time I have been able to see that my heart knows what I’m feeling/thinking.  That process is beyond valuable as an artist.







7 thoughts on “Process….

  1. I would have never guessed your process. When I write, I begin with an agenda. Call it a plot or outline. To start a creative act without any direction of the outcome is a fascinating concept.

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