“Willing to encompass benedictions”

I receive such enigmatic messages from my journal pages sometimes.  That’s right.  Although I haven’t graduated to mumbling to myself, and I’m not quite the crazy visionary yet….I let my art go where it goes.  My journal pages inform me of my inner, intuitive, subconscious wealth of knowledge.  However, often the message is one I fully understand.  I may not like it.  But I don’t have to.  My job is just to show up and paint or draw or collage.  Very often, I’m sitting in front of the TV not really paying attention to whatever I am currently doodling, and then I will look down at my artwork and realize that some part of me was definitely paying attention.  Some part of me has the knowledge that I needed to hear.  I usually title my pages with whatever words pop into my mind.  But when I look back at several days in a row I realize that it’s not quite as random as I supposed.  This is why the practice of journaling with words or art…is so valuable as a practice.

This page and the one below reminds me that you have to be open to receiving the good.  And there is always good…it’s not always obvious…but it’s always there.  Always.


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  1. Fantastic piece, along with an incredible message that parallels instruction I received yesterday about books writing themselves.

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