Flow…New Work

I tend to work in bunches, on several paintings at one time…. A lot of people ask me where I get creative ideas. I don’t think you get them…I think it’s a muscle. You keep on and keep on and one day it’s like turning on a faucet…you get a few drips and then the next day it’s overflowing and etc. It seems to me that it’s about getting more and more in touch with yourself. That’s not just a cliché….the more you practice (copy, learn muscle memory, etc) the closer you can come to just letting “you” flow down a brush or pencil or pen onto the page. That’s my take on it for what it’s worth.

Wading thru life

8×10 Mixed media on canvas board

What if

8×10 mixed media on canvas board


 .Dear Lord

12×12 Mixed media on canvas board

Not moving

8×10 Mixed Media on Canvas Board


8×10 Mixed Media on Canvas Board

The truth is

12×14 Mixed Media on Canvas Board


Some people had asked about a process.  So here it is.  I normally work in old books.  I use bits and pieces of collage that interest me.  Then I doodle around them:)  I use golden medium to adhere the collage and clear gesso over that. I use neocolors, and sharpies and letreset markers.   I’m normally just sitting in front of TV or listening to music.  Not thinking about what I want it to look like.  Then I get words and plop them on the page.  Over time I have been able to see that my heart knows what I’m feeling/thinking.  That process is beyond valuable as an artist.









“Willing to encompass benedictions”

I receive such enigmatic messages from my journal pages sometimes.  That’s right.  Although I haven’t graduated to mumbling to myself, and I’m not quite the crazy visionary yet….I let my art go where it goes.  My journal pages inform me of my inner, intuitive, subconscious wealth of knowledge.  However, often the message is one I fully understand.  I may not like it.  But I don’t have to.  My job is just to show up and paint or draw or collage.  Very often, I’m sitting in front of the TV not really paying attention to whatever I am currently doodling, and then I will look down at my artwork and realize that some part of me was definitely paying attention.  Some part of me has the knowledge that I needed to hear.  I usually title my pages with whatever words pop into my mind.  But when I look back at several days in a row I realize that it’s not quite as random as I supposed.  This is why the practice of journaling with words or art…is so valuable as a practice.

This page and the one below reminds me that you have to be open to receiving the good.  And there is always good…it’s not always obvious…but it’s always there.  Always.




I was reading an article about tipping somewhere the other day. It caught my eye because my Grandmother was a notorious non tipper.  She was always so offended that the employer didn’t pay wages to the waitress and felt that she should not bear employment costs.  But of course we all bear employment costs in one way or another lol.

It did start me thinking about the difference in philosophy between my Grandmother and myself.  Perhaps it’s a difference in the times we grew up in as well.  I don’t know and I never will…my Grandmother was a very private person.  I do know this about her though…she was an extremely frugal and fiscally responsible person.  Her whole life.  I know this was a result of the times she grew up in and the circumstances as well.  I can’t help but think that she would see me as fiscally irresponsible in many ways. Heck, I’m sure there are lots of people who might view me that way.

However; In thinking and reflecting on the upcoming year, I’ve come to understand something about myself and my philosophy for my life.  It’s an underlying belief that is so strongly a part of who I am that I have trouble even separating it out to examine it.  And it’s simply this.  In order to shine…I have to share.  I would never think of going out to eat without including a tip in my plans.  Ever.  I don’t spend money on myself without first having bought for the kids in my life.  Mine and other peoples.  I share my time, my money, my hugs, my advice, my stories, my art, my food and my love.  I don’t understand people who don’t or won’t share.  I know this is my path and not anyone else’s but it seems very simple to me.  I’m blessed with parents who share too.  As a matter of fact they’ve made it possible for me to share even more abundantly.  But, and this is a big but,  If I had 50 cents…you would most likely find me trying to figure out a way to share it with someone.  And time?  Well I will always have time to spend on someone even when my bank account is empty.   Let’s face it…if you can afford to play video games all day Saturday, then you can spend an hour of that time volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping a friend move. If you have time to watch 20 hours of television in a week (the average by the way) then you have time to be out helping make the world a better place.  In fact, studies have shown that spending time on others makes you feel as though you have more time available…cool!

All of that aside, I have to also say …I don’t share because I should, or because I want to be seen as a nice person.  I share because it makes me feel that all is well in the world, it makes me feel good, and whole and part of something larger than myself.  It makes me feel like a light in a sometimes dark and troubled world. So when I get up in the morning my first thought is ” how can I help someone today, or even more specifically… I usually wake with someone in particular on my mind that needs help.  It has occurred to me that it only takes a little light…just a little shine….to light up a dark space. We can’t all sit around in the dark and complain that there’s not enough light.  Someone has to get up at some point and turn it on.  You have plenty of light to shine into the darkness…and I do too.!