Not Accessories


dragging fear


“These are Not Accessories”

Became a part

“She Was Used to it”

the nest

“The Nest”

Journaling in the mornings is my way of showing up for the day.  I try not to edit myself or the pages.  Just let them be what they want to be.  The page usually knows a lot more than I do.

One thought on “Not Accessories

  1. What a great way to start the day. All of these pieces are so evocative, especially “She was Used to It.” The depiction of the horned animal on her shoulder, displacing her head, but somehow accepting it, is incredibly powerful.I’m intrigued by your lack of editing. That’s fantastic and also foreign to me. It’s incessant on my part. I never see any of my writing as being ‘done,’ but rather in need of additional polishing. Even if it’s in print, I cringe at words and passages that a more mature version of me as a writer desperately wants to edit or rewrite. To work without self-editing is a magical gift I am thinking.

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