Thanksgiving art

I did manage to grab a few minutes here and there for my journaling over the holidays.  A few were done last week too. Sick family members have been the norm lately and I find that it shows up in my work even though I didn’t think about it consciously.  Funny thing about Thanksgiving…there are so many people talking and eating that there doesn’t seem to be all that much time to really share with one another.  And even though it’s our family get together for the year, it comes and goes without much getting together of any real kind.  We all are fairly non social people, I think, although we might protest otherwise.

Better way_Painting

“Trying to Believe”

Oh Deer smaller



“Oh Dear…Pretending not to see”

filled with nothing

“Filled with a lot of nothing that only interests her”

willing to envision

One thought on “Thanksgiving art

  1. Great additions to the collection. I especially like “Filled With A Lot Of Nothing.” I see a faint smile on the figure’s face, but the tear dominates. Why do we so often fill the air with trivialities, rather than go deeper to better understand each other? We spend time on nothingness as if time were a limitless commodity. All the, ‘Wish I would have said’s,’ at the passing of loved ones, are completely avoidable if we would treasure our moments together and make the most of them.

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