So it’s been strep throat for several of us around here.  I’ve made sure to enforce lots of rest so that the rest of the family doesn’t catch it.  The good news is that it left me time to journal daily.  Here are a few of the pages….in looking back over them it’s easy for me to see that I wasn’t feeling well.  But it’s important to document that stuff too.  Or at least it is to me. My practice is all about knowing myself and knowing how I feel.  Even the not so pretty stuff like strep throat.10802024_961159410564420_6773160656817101679_n

“Too tired to labor more”


“One dimensional but sure it’s the new trend”


“Her wings have to carry a lot of weight”


“Aware Of being exhausted but not able to stop doing what needs to be done”

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“looking for horns to prove how fierce she is”


“voted most likely to be stretched to thin”

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