Fine and Feathered….

Just back from Captiva Island.  Did we have fun!  Yes we did.  I saw some interesting things…wildlife, shells, beautiful beaches. I did sort of get carried away with bird photos mainly because my twin sister started it.  I won’t bore you with the 600 odd photos I took of the same bird. (don’t judge me)  But because I’m an odd bird…I have a list of things that I found totally and oddly interesting that are probably not the norm when people think of what they remember on their vacation….

I spotted a billboard along I-95 on my way home from Captiva that boasted ‘Gator-Head Wind Chimes’. It was for a tourist/souvenier/truckstop place along the highway. I immediately began to take mental stock of my supply of gator-head wind chimes, in order to decide if I needed to swing in and pick some up. It occurred to me that i have no gator-head wind chimes, so I considered further. I like wind. I appreciate chimes. I enjoy wind chimes as a rule. I like gators – including their heads. I’m not so keen on the head, once it’s been separated from the gator’s body. Then i thought: This was someone’s idea? I suppose they thought – “These are some mighty cute little gators. If I catch them, I can cut their heads off, dry them out and shellac them. Then I’ll tie them up on a string so they can clank together in the wind and it will be a dandy thing to hang on someone’s front porch and listen to those little gator heads smacking together in the wind.” Is this considered a good idea? How many of the ideas out there are equivalent to this? Are there actually exhausted vacationers whose minds are so numb that they see GATOR-HEAD WIND CHIMES, and obediently exit to pick some up? I’m sure the gator community is not thrilled about this. Also, whatever happened to the old reliable oranges, sea shells and sharks teeth? Meanwhile, when you’re puttering around inside your house, and the wind dances past your porch, please enjoy the calming clatter of tiny, dead, severed alligator heads knocking together in the breeze. Is it me or is this really really odd?

I, of course did not buy any.  But now I’m sort of wishing I had stopped by to look.  I also noticed stripper  billboards and religious billboards….in equal measure.  What does this say about us?  I don’t know.  But I’m thinking about starting a photo journal of billboards.  I’m completely fascinated with it.  I wish I had been able to take photos but with a13 hour trip ahead of us…that 80 mile an hour trip wasn’t conducive to many photos.  Next time though.  Next time.


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