Be Prepared to Grow…

I spent the holidays wrapped up in a chair, blowing my nose. Yep, I was sick. For days…weeks.  I missed a lot of holiday hoopla.  And that was okay with me.  I’m not much of a socializer.

When I could think (which wasn’t often, because I was feeling just so darn weak) I was thinking to myself….what am I supposed to be learning from all this?  And I got to thinking about butterflies.  and seeds.  and eggs.  All those things that grow into something from something else.  Is it painful?  That’s my thought.  Do those things go thru a painful stage in order to change?.  I imagine they do.  They have to let go of the form that they are filling, let go of the past in other words. We all know that can be a painful thing.  So my thought was this….if you want to be prepared to grow…you have to be prepared to change.  Gotta let go of the past, any pain, any stuff you’re just carrying around,  any ideas you had about what you thought might happen and go with the process.  There’s chaos, and pain and getting used to your new form.

From the roots of all that…can come something new.  Something beautiful.  And something different.   Just a thought.

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