If I ruled the World


Yesterday, although I’m still dizzy and queasy from those ear infections, I went to the non-profit where I volunteer.  Well yeah…I could have stayed home but those kids are depending on their tutoring and honestly…they can’t depend on much in their lives. I left feeling just as dizzy and queasy…but uplifted and better nevertheless.

There’s a wall in one of the rooms, where kids have written an “IF I ruled the world message”  .  There are tons of messages about money.  Because that’s the kind of society we live in.  Money is perceived as power, and it’s also perceived as a means to more choices.  Money is the great American dream for most of these kids.  The smart ones have decided that education will lead them to the dream.    Even though most of the kids have a dream about money….quite a few of them wrote about other things.  Which makes me feel happy.  Because money is not the cure.  It’s the end result of a well run and happy society.

The little girl that wrote the above note is in an abusive home.  Yes DSS has been called but there are delays.  I will not mention here what I think about delays!!  She is hispanic and white.  She deals with discrimination in the world and fights at home everyday.  Sadly….she is nine years old and already knows way too much about how the worst of human nature works.   Still she smiles a big gap toothed grin and hugs me when I come thru the door.  She beams when I tell her what a great job she is doing.  It takes so little to make her happy.  I’m pretty sure her dreams run towards safety.  Isn’t it sad that a little girl has to dream of safety in our country?.  I think it’s a damn shame!  It makes me furious and sad all at once.  Because I know that the odds are that she is being raised by a mother who dreamed of safety too.

I’m dreaming with these kids three-four days a week.  I’m dreaming of a world where they all have opportunities and choices.  A kind, safe world.  A world where they are tucked in at night, sweetly,  and well fed.  A world where their biggest problem is what to ask Santa to bring them for Christmas.  Dream on little souls…dream on.