A wealth of Pearls

My grandmother passed away last year…she was 94.  I know right?  Pretty darn amazing.  I was gifted the contents of her jewelry box, the costume stuff.  Here’s the interesting thing to me.  I cannot remember one time, not one, when she wore any of this stuff.  You see, none of the women in my family are jewelry wearing women.  Much to the chagrin of various boyfriends and husbands thru the years (sorry guys).  Oh, my mother will wear the occasional chunky art necklace…and so will I (mostly stuff I’ve made). But that’s about it.

In the box of jewelry there were dozens of clip-on  Pearl earrings.  So, I never knew that Grandmother’s ears weren’t pierced.  Huh. I’ve been spending time transforming them into pierced earrings for my daughter for Christmas (she will wear earrings and thought some of Grandmother’s stuff was cool.  No don’t worry.  My daughter does not read my blog.  She’s not much interested in what I have to say online…lol.  Thinks it’s all a bit weird, this blogging stuff.)

Anyway… I’m left to wonder…why did she have all this stuff? I don’t know why she did, but it started me thinking…why do I have an equal amount of this stuff of my own?  lol.  I have two boxes of stuff too that I never wear.  I’m fascinated with jewelry and one of my favorite blogs features a jewelry artist.  But for some reason…the women in my family just never got into it.  That notion was passed on to me.  Not in a “Don’t wear jewelry” kind of way but in a “nobody does it around me” kind of way.  And this year I’ve been trying to notice the unspoken messages that we all slurped up as children.  With no thought to whethor they serve us or not.  I know, I know…this is not really one of those lessons that will matter one way or another in my life unless you’re trying to figure out what to give me as a gift. But I do wonder, what prompted this trait in my grandmother.  Perhaps it’s just as simple as growing up in the depression and not having jewelry to begin with.  Perhaps.

My Grandmother passed down many “pearls” of wisdom to me in my life.  Lessons that were spoken and some “unspoken” and have guided me.  Now she’s passed down some pearl earrings.  With these pearl earrings , I’m guided to think about the reasons behind the reasons.  The lesson behind the lesson.  You know in a zen kind of way.  There is also that whole “pearls before swine” thing that comes to mind, although I don’t think that applies today. At least I hope it doesn’t lol.   No…I think Grandmother is nudging me to observe the unspoken lessons again.  Look at where they serve me and those times they don’t. All I can say  to that is…

” Dear Grandmother,

I’m grateful for the wealth of pearls that you’ve sent my way” !


from your Granddaughter.

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