The year of Angels

This seems to be the year of Angels…and faces, and odd girls.  I have spent so much time in the past, practicing animals that I just never got around to people.  I’ve been wondering the past few days why so many angels have turned up in my artwork this year.  I’ve been finishing up my art journal for the year 2012.  Not long left in this year,  and so I’ve been looking back at my pages for the past year.  Angels, and girls…that’s what fills this year’s journal. And words…lots of them.  For the first time ever.  And best of all, I’ve just discovered “Touched by an Angel”.  You know…the TV show.  I love that dang show! So I’m surrounded by the idea of angels.

Perhaps I’m feeling the need for Angels in my life.  I don’t know…like most of my artwork it just sort of begins as a “pull”…that soon becomes an obsession.  LOL.  Oh yes, I have many obsessions…art supplies, good books, great music,  gluten free food, herbal tea and currently for some odd reason…sugar free whipped topping.  I set out to paint animals like I usually do…and then I’m pulled off to try and perfect another idea that I have for an angel.  So I’ve given up painting animals for the most part right now.  No need to fight the “pull”, easier to go with the flow.

I will tell you something you didn’t know.  The majority of my paintings have writing under the paint.  An idea to keep me on track as I’m painting.  Then covered over.  But I know it’s there like a secret that no one will ever know but me.  Here’s the interesting thing about it.  Once I’ve written the words…the paintings just flow right on out.  So I’ve painted healing angels this year, humor angels, angry angels, sad angels, lost angels, oh the list just goes on and on.  Try it the next time your “flow” is dried up.  It’s an amazing prompt that works every time!

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