Is the Past ever over?

Well is it?  I have always said to myself….the past is the past.  No need to dwell in it.  I still believe that.  Completely.  But the past… well it forms us doesn’t it?.  And therefore we take it with us into the future. It’s the great wheel native americans talk about.  It comes around again and again.  And each time it comes around we learn a little more about who we are and where we’re going. Hopefully.

I’ve been working on my Dad’s memoirs with him.  You know just editing because he’s not a great typist.  There are things I know I struggle with because he did.  Same with my Mom.  Then there are the struggles that are all my own.  Point here is that we all have struggles and triumphs and they are ours to overcome or glory in as we can or will.  I think that as we learn the lessons we carry the seed that prompted them forward with us into the future.  From that seed, either a weed or a flower grows.  Sometimes both.

So the Past isn’t ever over…but sometimes it’s transformed into something else.  Sometimes it’s transformed into our future self and sometimes it’s transformed into a future lesson. And sometimes it just sits back there in the past providing fodder for the weeds and flowers to grow. Are you grateful?  I am.

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