“Seered to Perfection”


Fortune tellers, seers, tarot readers, well-meaning friends and family, strangers.  All these have something in commen don’t they?  They are all willing to predict the future for you.  Everyone has an opinion, including me.  But none of us really know.

In the great cosmic journey that we are all on….the way ahead is dark and dim.  With good reason I suspect.  Because we need the journey.  To learn, to grow, to strengthen or weaken beliefs, to accept our karma, learn who we are, blossom into the full flower of our soul….yada yada….lol.

Ok I believe everything above and I also sometimes wish I knew just a little bit about the future.  A tad bit.  Nothing big. Because I’m human.  Things like…. will I make enough money to get thru the month.?  Hey don’t judge it’s been a tough year here.  Sick kids, tuition, job seeking, medical bills, college expenses, rear differentials, expensive medicines.  All things I struggle to cover. And I just have to say…Miracles happen for me every day when it comes to covering these things…so I can’t complain or explain really how it all works.  I just know it does, despite my constant worry.  Something I am trying to remember when  the bank balance and the gas tank plunge.

Another thing I would like to know…and I expect all parents want to know this…will my children make the right decisions?  will they be happy?  Healthy? Have children? Become who they were meant to be? Find their spiritual path and purpose. Be productive, compassionate members of society?  Did I do enough?  And then I remember that for all my constant worry…they are doing just exactly what they’re supposed to.  They have their own path.

And then I think to myself….”Self, if you knew the future would you be tempted to change it, because you know….you might think you know better than God or the Universe what would be better”?  And I think that yes…I would be tempted to be a seer in someone else’s life or my own. And then I come back to the beginning.  Which is that I’m “seered” to perfection.  I know exactly what I need to know, when I need to know it.   Because that’s the plan…and it’s working.  lol…way better than I would make it work, because I don’t “know” the plan.  Never can, never will.  So amen and amen to that internet brothers and sisters.  Pull out a prayer, some tarot cards and a fortune cookie. Let’s carry on.

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