A wealth of Pearls

My grandmother passed away last year…she was 94.  I know right?  Pretty darn amazing.  I was gifted the contents of her jewelry box, the costume stuff.  Here’s the interesting thing to me.  I cannot remember one time, not one, when she wore any of this stuff.  You see, none of the women in my family are jewelry wearing women.  Much to the chagrin of various boyfriends and husbands thru the years (sorry guys).  Oh, my mother will wear the occasional chunky art necklace…and so will I (mostly stuff I’ve made). But that’s about it.

In the box of jewelry there were dozens of clip-on  Pearl earrings.  So, I never knew that Grandmother’s ears weren’t pierced.  Huh. I’ve been spending time transforming them into pierced earrings for my daughter for Christmas (she will wear earrings and thought some of Grandmother’s stuff was cool.  No don’t worry.  My daughter does not read my blog.  She’s not much interested in what I have to say online…lol.  Thinks it’s all a bit weird, this blogging stuff.)

Anyway… I’m left to wonder…why did she have all this stuff? I don’t know why she did, but it started me thinking…why do I have an equal amount of this stuff of my own?  lol.  I have two boxes of stuff too that I never wear.  I’m fascinated with jewelry and one of my favorite blogs features a jewelry artist.  But for some reason…the women in my family just never got into it.  That notion was passed on to me.  Not in a “Don’t wear jewelry” kind of way but in a “nobody does it around me” kind of way.  And this year I’ve been trying to notice the unspoken messages that we all slurped up as children.  With no thought to whethor they serve us or not.  I know, I know…this is not really one of those lessons that will matter one way or another in my life unless you’re trying to figure out what to give me as a gift. But I do wonder, what prompted this trait in my grandmother.  Perhaps it’s just as simple as growing up in the depression and not having jewelry to begin with.  Perhaps.

My Grandmother passed down many “pearls” of wisdom to me in my life.  Lessons that were spoken and some “unspoken” and have guided me.  Now she’s passed down some pearl earrings.  With these pearl earrings , I’m guided to think about the reasons behind the reasons.  The lesson behind the lesson.  You know in a zen kind of way.  There is also that whole “pearls before swine” thing that comes to mind, although I don’t think that applies today. At least I hope it doesn’t lol.   No…I think Grandmother is nudging me to observe the unspoken lessons again.  Look at where they serve me and those times they don’t. All I can say  to that is…

” Dear Grandmother,

I’m grateful for the wealth of pearls that you’ve sent my way” !


from your Granddaughter.

The year of Angels

This seems to be the year of Angels…and faces, and odd girls.  I have spent so much time in the past, practicing animals that I just never got around to people.  I’ve been wondering the past few days why so many angels have turned up in my artwork this year.  I’ve been finishing up my art journal for the year 2012.  Not long left in this year,  and so I’ve been looking back at my pages for the past year.  Angels, and girls…that’s what fills this year’s journal. And words…lots of them.  For the first time ever.  And best of all, I’ve just discovered “Touched by an Angel”.  You know…the TV show.  I love that dang show! So I’m surrounded by the idea of angels.

Perhaps I’m feeling the need for Angels in my life.  I don’t know…like most of my artwork it just sort of begins as a “pull”…that soon becomes an obsession.  LOL.  Oh yes, I have many obsessions…art supplies, good books, great music,  gluten free food, herbal tea and currently for some odd reason…sugar free whipped topping.  I set out to paint animals like I usually do…and then I’m pulled off to try and perfect another idea that I have for an angel.  So I’ve given up painting animals for the most part right now.  No need to fight the “pull”, easier to go with the flow.

I will tell you something you didn’t know.  The majority of my paintings have writing under the paint.  An idea to keep me on track as I’m painting.  Then covered over.  But I know it’s there like a secret that no one will ever know but me.  Here’s the interesting thing about it.  Once I’ve written the words…the paintings just flow right on out.  So I’ve painted healing angels this year, humor angels, angry angels, sad angels, lost angels, oh the list just goes on and on.  Try it the next time your “flow” is dried up.  It’s an amazing prompt that works every time!

Is the Past ever over?

Well is it?  I have always said to myself….the past is the past.  No need to dwell in it.  I still believe that.  Completely.  But the past… well it forms us doesn’t it?.  And therefore we take it with us into the future. It’s the great wheel native americans talk about.  It comes around again and again.  And each time it comes around we learn a little more about who we are and where we’re going. Hopefully.

I’ve been working on my Dad’s memoirs with him.  You know just editing because he’s not a great typist.  There are things I know I struggle with because he did.  Same with my Mom.  Then there are the struggles that are all my own.  Point here is that we all have struggles and triumphs and they are ours to overcome or glory in as we can or will.  I think that as we learn the lessons we carry the seed that prompted them forward with us into the future.  From that seed, either a weed or a flower grows.  Sometimes both.

So the Past isn’t ever over…but sometimes it’s transformed into something else.  Sometimes it’s transformed into our future self and sometimes it’s transformed into a future lesson. And sometimes it just sits back there in the past providing fodder for the weeds and flowers to grow. Are you grateful?  I am.

“Seered to Perfection”


Fortune tellers, seers, tarot readers, well-meaning friends and family, strangers.  All these have something in commen don’t they?  They are all willing to predict the future for you.  Everyone has an opinion, including me.  But none of us really know.

In the great cosmic journey that we are all on….the way ahead is dark and dim.  With good reason I suspect.  Because we need the journey.  To learn, to grow, to strengthen or weaken beliefs, to accept our karma, learn who we are, blossom into the full flower of our soul….yada yada….lol.

Ok I believe everything above and I also sometimes wish I knew just a little bit about the future.  A tad bit.  Nothing big. Because I’m human.  Things like…. will I make enough money to get thru the month.?  Hey don’t judge it’s been a tough year here.  Sick kids, tuition, job seeking, medical bills, college expenses, rear differentials, expensive medicines.  All things I struggle to cover. And I just have to say…Miracles happen for me every day when it comes to covering these things…so I can’t complain or explain really how it all works.  I just know it does, despite my constant worry.  Something I am trying to remember when  the bank balance and the gas tank plunge.

Another thing I would like to know…and I expect all parents want to know this…will my children make the right decisions?  will they be happy?  Healthy? Have children? Become who they were meant to be? Find their spiritual path and purpose. Be productive, compassionate members of society?  Did I do enough?  And then I remember that for all my constant worry…they are doing just exactly what they’re supposed to.  They have their own path.

And then I think to myself….”Self, if you knew the future would you be tempted to change it, because you know….you might think you know better than God or the Universe what would be better”?  And I think that yes…I would be tempted to be a seer in someone else’s life or my own. And then I come back to the beginning.  Which is that I’m “seered” to perfection.  I know exactly what I need to know, when I need to know it.   Because that’s the plan…and it’s working.  lol…way better than I would make it work, because I don’t “know” the plan.  Never can, never will.  So amen and amen to that internet brothers and sisters.  Pull out a prayer, some tarot cards and a fortune cookie. Let’s carry on.

The Deception of Looks



“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than  the way in which it treats its children.”  Nelson Mandela

I’ve been working with my group of girl’s at the non profit where I volunteer.  Those of you who follow this blog know that several of the girls are hispanic, african american, or a mixture (as they call it).  I wonder if you look at them, what you would see?  What do you see when you watch any racial minority in the streets of your town?  I know that racism is ignorance.  You may know it too intellectually.  But do you practice it in your heart?  I’ve watched people do exactly that.  Intelligent, caring, christian people.  I’ve watched people practice economic prejudice against these children.

I work with children from the age of about 9 thru 17.  I see bright children, beautiful children, each and every one a bright shining soul, whose grace is going to be needed by our society.  Each of these children have had to overcome so much already in their young lives.  Through no fault of their own they have racism, poverty, and ignorance and fear… to deal with.  The girls will grow up to deal with even more.  Abuse, racial profiling, gender profiling, teen pregnancy, single mom households.

These children are in the 47% that are sneered at by so many.  These are children that I watch every day try hard to get a better education than their parents, while already aware that the odds are stacked against them.  Doesn’t stop them.  They know that education is the small window that could lead them out of the cycle.

I watch dedicated young teachers and mentors working hard every day to help these children transcend the sorry spot our society believes is reserved for them.  These teachers often make a few dollars above minimum wage, pay for supplies out of their own pockets and work long hours above and beyond their job.  Those young teachers are themselves fighting economic bigotry from their peers because of the work they’ve chosen.

When will it change? I don’t know the answer. I know that some of these very children have grown up to come back and work at this  non profit…. in order to pass it on.  I know that bigotry in any person has to be challenged, and not allowed to prosper.  I also believe that all these things are drops in the ocean…. and as one of my readers said “I believe in drops”  because eventually the ocean will fill up.  Eventually people with heart will understand that children are our most important resource. No matter what color their skin or their country of origin.  Eventually we will judge people by their heart…and not their looks or the size of their bank account.  Eventually.

Home Remedies


so here we are…smack dab in the middle of fall/early winter.  I’ve already got a sick child.  So I thought I would post some home remedies that work and that have no side effects.

This first one is interesting….when Evan was coming out of surgery at the hospital …instead of giving him anti nausea medicine they gave him gauze with peppermint oil on it.  They said it works better.  They are right and I have been utilizing this one for years.

so for nausea…a little peppermint oil or spearmint oil on a gauze pad works great…..just sniff from time to time.  Can’t beat it!

2.  Cough syrup

1/4 cayenne pepper

1/4 ginger

4 tablespoons braggs apple cider vinegar or vinegar

1/2 lemon or splash of lemon juice.


1/2 cup water

mix these ingredients in a small container and shake every time you use it.  Take one tablespoon at a time.  Make sure you shake it because red pepper doesn’t dissolve well. Woo hoo!

Hot Tea for congestion and sore throat

pinch of cayenne

pinch of ginger

lemon juice


fill up cup with boiling water and stir well before each sip.

Sore nose

now…you know how you get that raw nose from wiping it and blowing it?

just add 2 drop of lavender to a little vaseline….mix it up and put it on the sore part of your nose.

These remedies are effective and best of all they have no side effects!  Hope my daughter feels better soon and hope my internet friends are staying healthy!