Love…pass it on

I was thinking about love today…there’s a lot of ways to love someone.  You can love them with money, by giving your time, with forgiveness, you can love yourself thereby loving others that much more , you can love them by listening, or talking, by feeding them physically  or spiritually, you can love them by accepting them, you can love them unconditionally, you can love them by understanding, you can love them by driving them around, mowing their lawn and on and on.

That’s a lot of love, people, don’t you think?  It’s a good idea to recognize it, be grateful for it, and pass it on.  I feel like love is kind of like Hurricane Sandy…it grows when given energy.  right?  I think love can prevail given enough attention….and I woke up thinking that.  So tune in.  And then broadcast.  LOVE!!

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