The “Get Real” Fairy

So me and the “get real” fairy had an arguement this morning. She felt there were some things I was overlooking and wanted to make sure that I was fully informed.   Evidently some things are gone and they aren’t coming back…according to her there was a list…

Hormones,  eyesight , wrinkle free skin (and upper arms for that matter), thyroid, gallbladder, appendix, wake free nights, thick hair, youthful zest, stamina, memory, exercise without pain…hell sitting without pain, hair free chin, steady metabolism,  oh the list went on and on.

I countered her arguement with a list of my own….a better knowledge of who I am and who I want to be going forward, confidence in my inner beauty, the ability to know what it’s important to remember and what’s not,  the ability to forgive(young people haven’t discovered the importance of that) strengthening empathy, maybe  most importantly the ability to understand (although not always put into practice) that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, etc, etc.

This made the “get real” fairy flutter off.  Mad.  She was hoping for some action on my part to start covering up all the physical flaws.  She’s gone for now but I can tell she hasn’t gone far.  So I’m readying my ammunition , getting out the big guns.  I think when she comes back I will just give her a hug and let her know that she is beautiful just as she is….it could work.  She and I could be friends….and that is the real gift of growing older!  BAM “get real” fairy!!  Take that!





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