Your need to fit in…is dangerous to you!

I work with a beautiful group of girls on Tuesday afternoons.  We’ve been doing a sort of selfawareness collage.  Because I think that the sooner these girls find their voice, explore who they are, think about what they want and what their boundaries are…the safer they will be in this world.  As a matter of fact, I think all of us women would have been a lot safer in this world if we had done this work at that age…instead of this…lol.

These are ninth and tenth grade girls.  Their need to fit in…is so dangerous to them.  They are not kind to themselves.  Or sometimes to each other.  But mostly they are so unkind to themselves in their race to be just like each other and the “popular ones”.  One of the girls told me yesterday…that she probably would never get to be what she wanted because she was born a “mexican”.  She said it with a hopeless sort of disgust in her voice. It made me want to shake her.  She is so beautiful in just who she is….they all are.  And they all have so much to add to the world.  If they could just realize it.

If they could just be who they are….and not who they’ve decided that society wants them to be.  Huh….that would be a good thing for all of us women.  So all you older women out there…remember that we are allowing these young girls to believe these lies, because we believed them. Oh yes we did and do.  So stop it now. Start valuing these young women for more than their looks.  Stop trying to look like them and start modeling for them the grace of age.  Model for them the value of inner peace and beauty of spirit.  Model for them the importance to their lives… of more than that designer pair of $600 boots and the kardashian life style.  How about we all start to do that…so that these young women can grow into their full potential.?  will you?  That’s my question for you today.

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