Praying for World Peace

Interesting thing…I’ve learned a few lessons being an artist.  okay, don’t laugh, we’re all learning every day…but I’m talking about specific lessons.  If you’re on.

1. Every creative person I know…tends to be a little more liberal and openminded than average.  I think it’s because they use both sides of their brain.  True story.

2.  They tend to solve problems outside the box and with just a little more humor than those who don’t think with both sides of their brain.

3. They may not be valued by our economy/society but that doesn’t seem to stop them.  They just continue following their passion with commitment, making our world a better and more beautiful place as they go.  And…maybe most importantly artists are on a journey to know how they feel and why….so that they can convey that in their artwork.

4. Without fail, they will talk about peace.  It’s true, every artist I’ve ever met or talked with will eventually get to the subject of world peace, beginning with inner peace.  Perhaps it’s because artists know that in order to be creative, the world needs to be a peaceful place.  We pray for peace, the way some people cheer on their favorite team.  Passionately and with lots of noise, color and laughter. Not with a political or economic agenda but because we know that in the pause of anger, chaos and war…is the beauty that art springs from.

I’ve read that artists and creatives are going to be in big demand going forward.  We need them to help solve the problems that we’re in.  I hope it’s true. The dalai lama said that “western woman will save the world”.  I would add that she will probably be an artist as well.  Hey people..imagine a world where an artist is as prized as the CEO of some huge conglomerate.  Can you imagine that?  I can!


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