A Spark

Here’s what I think….we all have an individual spark.  We may have as much or as little in common as a group of pumpkins, tall, round, skinny, fat, orange, white, green….but each one of us has our very own individual spark.

It’s ours to fan into whatever kind of light we wish.  We can light up the world or hide it under a barrel, but that doesn’t change the fact that we have it.  We can dim it with drugs or ugly behavior,   or we can shine it up and hold it high…. live in the truth of our shine, but we all have it.

I try to remember that when I’m dealing with the IRS, AT &T, school officials and the cable company. I especially try to remember that when I’m watching presidential debates or dealing with tech support in India, or even the young adults in my house who want to argue endlessly with me about every little thing…lol.

It’s all those sparks that make this world such a beautiful place.  Shining brightly in the faces of friends and strangers.  They’re a match for the stars in the sky and the sun blasting it’s light at the earth.  All those sparks make up a light so bright that it takes my breath away and reminds me that I am a part of something much bigger.  So shine little spark, shine.  Your beauty is awe inspiring.!

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