Shout outs!


A big shout out to my honey for laughing hysterically about paragraphical fiction while we waited for 3 hours for Nicks braces to be done.  I am of the belief that I can start a new genre of fiction wherein I tell the whole story in a paragraph.  Kind of like haiku for the prose world.  He thought that was funny. I had a good time, honey, even though Nick is upset about having to have braces. And a big old thank you to Mom for helping!!! Nick will be happy again one


and a big shout out to the roofer guy for finally fixing the leak in my dang office!


and to Tink for keeping my feet warm last night….

and to Savvy for being willing to hang out with the old folks last night. (I’m not allowed to post pictures so don’t tell the kids I have)

Sometimes it’s the little things.  Well…most times it’s the little things that make life good!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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